Enjoy a natural life while staying at best apartments


The apartments in Charlotte are not just comfortable accommodation, but life is very natural here. People who live here enjoy an intense interaction with the wildlife of the forest around these apartments. It is an adventurous place to live where you can enjoy hunting, hiking and rowing in the nearby river.

These apartments are a group of the separate house like apartments constructed closely. Each apartment looks like a tree house. Wooden floor, wooden walls, and everything are designed with the raw wood. These apartments are just like one of those dream places you want to live in.


Wake up with the sound of unusual birds which are special inhabitants of Charlotte woods. Nearer to the highway road that takes to the petrol pump, grocery marts and airport on a short drive. A meadow area is specially designed with a wide path for the car parking.


However, these apartments are designed very uniquely yet the rates here are almost equal to the rates of ordinary apartments. All the facilities are charge-free, discounts and packages are offered in different seasons.


All the apartments are constructed the double story in which you will have a large bedroom with attached bathroom in the upper story and living room with a kitchen in the lower story. With the upper story, you have a beautiful wooden railed balcony that allows you to have a beautiful view of the shady forest.

These apartments may look like a tree house from outside but are very comfortable and convenient. All the furniture is designed with natural wood. Kitchen cabinets and platform is all wooden. The washroom are designed as Victoria style with polished wooden walls to give you an actual natural life feeling. The tree log wooden dining table is placed in the corridor. Completely lighted apartment, enjoy your crude life here.

Modern facilities:

All the apartments are provided with free Wi-Fi service, music system, LED TV, double door refrigerator, an intercom connected to the main reception and other useful electronics. For swimming and enjoying the summers a beach themed pool is provided within the complex.


All the apartments are safe inside high walls, security cameras are planted and fully equipped security team is hired for the protection of the apartments. A guard is provided with every apartment. The safety of the guests is strictly maintained here.


As the apartments in Charlotte are designed to enjoy the peaceful life of a forest and the wild life you can bring your pets along with you here. There is no problem or any objection with the pets as long as they are well trained. If your pets are under your good control and you think you can take care of them on yours on, you are allowed to bring the pets here. Beware of the other wildlife existence in the forest, in case of any wildlife law violation by your pets, you will be heavily charged by the wildlife authority.