Feeling the true sense of living in the world’s best apartments


With the views of blue water and lush green land, the apartments in Charlotte are waiting for you. These apartments are situated at the bank of river Catawba, which is the main attraction of Charlotte. This means an apartment here will let you enjoy the most beautiful spot in Charlotte free.

The apartments are covered with a shady forest, a completely peaceful place for relaxing vacations. The apartments have some yachts and boats that can be hired to take a river ride. These apartments are only 2 miles away from Charlotte Douglas International Airport. As these apartments are situated at the largest city of Carolina, people from different parts of the world are received here as endearing guests. Living here can help you make connections worldwide.

Best things about apartments in Charlotte:

The best apartments:

These will be the best apartments you have ever lived in. All the rooms are painted spotless white. Apartments are furnished with the best quality wooden furniture. A personal kitchen is given with each apartment that is available with all the important kitchen facilities. The washrooms are designed very widely where you can enjoy a high-pressure shower in a wide space. Moreover, a balcony is given which you lets have a clearer and intense view of River Catawba.

The best location:

These fabulous apartments are located at the bank of the beautiful river Catawba. By living here, you will will hear the beautiful sound of the water streaming just on some steps away. As this area is the most popular tourism attraction worldwide, it is especially under great security by Government. The crime stat in this area is null. These apartments are situated on a wide, smooth road that directly leads to the international airport, which makes these apartments the best accommodation for the tourists.

The best free things:

The apartments provide the facility of free Wi-Fi and landline. The covered parking is cost-free and very wide. The swimming pool is absolute charges free and so is the gym. Other than that, all the cleaning services are free.

Other best facilities:

Apartments provide yachts and boats to hire. You can hire your favorite boat for boating in the beautiful River Catawba. A facility of pick and drop to the airport is also available, you can rent one of the apartment’s vehicle to drive within the city where ever you want. For parties and other celebrations, guests can hire the terrace of the building. The terrace is wide enough to fit in almost 200 chairs at a time. These apartments also have a park on the river bank that is provided for wedding and other celebrations. So, if you are planning your wedding in Charlotte, you are most welcome in these apartments.

Packages and discounts:

The wedding gatherings are provided with special discount. The more apartments you hire, the more discounts you will have.