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Short term apartments in Charlotte are not just vacation or visit accommodation; they can be a temporary stay if you are planning to relocate in Charlotte. These perfect apartments have sheltered many families. Most of the newlywed couples are living here, as they cannot afford a fully furnished and ready to live house.

These short term apartments in charlotte are fully furnished and well decorated. A separate fully equipped kitchen in your apartment is provided where you can bake and cook anything you want. Perfect large washrooms are designed with modern washroom utensils. Hair dryer and hair brush kit is provided with a full size dressing table. Large closets are fitted with in the walls. Moreover, a store room is given with several cabinets and closets.


These apartments are perfect for casual life; they are located in the main city. Easy access to public transport just on the exit, the largest and most popular grocery mart is situated next to the building. More than 2 Joggers parks are present in the area. This is an inexpensive area, where any class can easily adjust. The business area of the city is situated on a mile away from the apartments that makes these apartments more convenient for the people having new jobs in charlotte.


These apartments provide all important facilities to the guests which make their life more convenient. Free broad band and Wi-Fi. The kitchen is provided with refrigerator, dishwasher, coffee maker, microwave oven, heater, washing machine and all essential amenities.


The apartments are situated in the main city where the roads keep on going all night. The crime rate is very low almost nil. Still a team of security is appointed to ensure the security. Security cameras and other security precautions are strictly followed here.


These apartments offer a relatively low rate as compared to other accommodations. The guests will receive a great discount for a living of more than a week. All the other facilities that include cleaning, laundry and electrical services are provided free of charge.

If you are paying the rent for several weeks in advance, you will get discounts and other complimentary facilities. This discount lets you enjoy a big saving and more convenience.

Apartment choices:

These apartments have 1 and 2 bedrooms accommodations in which the number of washrooms and windows also varies. The apartments with two bedrooms have a larger balcony than the one bedroom apartments.

Every apartment has its own theme of wallpapers, curtains, bed sheets, sofa covers, even electronics and washroom amenities. Choose your favorite themed apartment. There will be no inconvenience; you can have all your time to choose one. If you are familiar to any of the apartments here, you can ask for it by telling the number.

Book an apartment online:

You can book an apartment here online. Our support team is always available to guide you with the process of booking an apartment here.